Video (2023)

Hobosan | Hobosan - New Light video

I've filmed a lot of waves through the years and used the clips for this video.

Digital EP (2023)

Hobosan | New Light EP

EP with three tracks sounding like a blend of Tortoise's Crest and golden age hip hop.

Album (2022)

Various Artists | Diary of a Madman

I got to contribute a track 'Who Am I?' to this amazing release. 121 artists on 2 cassettes, limited to 100 copies each, sold out in minutes (digital still available here). All proceeds to Red Cross Ukraine.

Pet Shop Boys Versions (Vol 1)

The Pet Shop Boys, my first love in music.
For a long time, I've felt that some of their tracks could've gone in different directions, so by using acapellas I decided to try and take them there.
That included slowing the tempo down, re-arranging the song structure, and/or writing new chord progressions as well as melodies.
More or less.

'Home And Dry', 'A Face Like That', 'Invisible' and 'Leaving' is available to stream below.
(To get some context I suggest you listen to the original songs (collected in a playlist found further down on this page) if you haven't already heard them.)

Please note: This is highly inofficial work. I used solely the vocals from the original tracks, and then created new, original instrumental music to go along with the vocals.

Digital (2020)

Co-Pilot | Nighthawks (Soundtrack Competition)

My contribution for the Adam Audio soundtrack competition 2020: 'Compose a short soundtrack (max. 30 seconds) for the painting 'Nighthawks' (by Edward Hopper, 1942)'

Digital Single/Album (2015)

Divine Styler | ZAXON (Co-Pilot Remix)

My winning contribution for Divine Styler's and Gamma Proforma's remix competition.

Digital Single (2015)

Divine Styler | ZAXON (Instrumental)

Instrumental of my winning contribution for Divine Styler's and Gamma Proforma's remix competition.

Digital Single (2013)

Co-Pilot | Who You Really Are

Fire Feathers

This is a special song to me. It started out as something completely different, but in the frustration of not getting where I wanted I plugged in my guitar and just let everything out, which took the song in a whole new direction.

Not only do I love the result, but my dear friend F.O.L. made this incredible video for it out of the blue. Watch the video and stream the track!

Digital Single (2012)

Co-Pilot | Fire Feathers

Digital Single (2005)

Co-Pilot | Comanche

Digital Single (2005)

Co-Pilot | Self Image

Digital Single (2004)

Co-Pilot | Spinning Glass

Video (2014)

Crows: | As The Crow Flies

This was the first official video hailing from the three piece 'Crows:' project, made up by Abstract Artform, Mumbles and Co-Pilot.

Album (2014)

Crows: | Remixes, reboots and alternative versions

Gritty, warm, gnarly and at times quite beautiful; 'Remixes, reboots and alternative versions' is both a remix- and original effort from first time collaborators Abstract Artform, Mumbles and Co-Pilot.

Album (2010)

Prime Ape Got The Blues | Invite the Devil in

Prime Ape Got The Blues' 2nd full-length album featuring myself on scratch duties on 'Unfadeable', 'I Know In My Heart' and 'Nevermind The Bullshit'.